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Gather, Nurture,
and Thrive


Villaging [ vil-ij ] Verb -
To engage in activities
that support community
and connection
to the land.

Our Mission & Vision

At Vibrant Village our mission is to re-village. To hold humankind with respect & reverence to Mother Earth. To uplift and support Family networks to thrive & provide nourishing experiences for our children and families that support interdependence and resilience. To create regenerative resources & to behold the beauty of life.

    The need for community is integral to humanity. Inspired by this core need for belonging, we are creating Village in a way that supports the wellbeing of people and the Land through the Seasons of Life. We are not a single group or place but a collection of families engaged in villaging. 

     At the center are Families working together to support each other’s needs, while building a hopeful future for the next generation. 

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Our Values

Through the cycles and seasons of life we practice universal traditions that celebrate and honor life/that root us into belonging. From seasonal ceremonies, women's circles, men’s circles, and retreats we dedicate ourselves to unifying as a community. From Seasonal ceremonies to healing Circles and Retreats, we are devoted to the unification of Earth and Culture. These gatherings offer open the potential for renewal, connection, and hope.



Earth Stewardship

“Human” to us means “for the Earth”. As Vibrant Villagers, we are driven by a desire for connection to Mother Earth and to be of service. Our wellbeing is dependent upon Nature. In all of our events, workshops, and activities we put nature and respect for her at the center. Following that path, we find sustenance, livelihood, healing, and inspiration.


We uphold that personal health is an extension of community health, that wellness of the individual is essential to the wellbeing of the whole.  We seek to cultivate belonging by encouraging genuine connections, healthy living,  and connection to the earth.





Village Offerings


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Women's & Men's Circles

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Wellness Workshops

We hold space for our village to offer their art and work in the world by creating workshops accessible to all.