Updated: May 22

To put into words the experience of this event... may be a little tricky. There was much excitement as were setting up, as well as a little worry considering the high wind and rain forecast. Some of us were not ready to play in the rain and others were ready to embrace the cool wet celebration.

There were a few other interesting realizations that came out of this set up as well. Setting up for these big events can be A LOT! Organizing is one thing but the ground work to set up and decorate is another. It takes a lot of energy. An Idea came up to make this more sustainable. Revillaging, to us, is a means of bringing back the gatherings of villages from times past. the villages that not only supported one another but also made a point to gather for celebrations and festivals. Now, the function of organizing and setting up for these events didn't fall on a select few.... these Village Events were set up, built, and functioned by the Village. Everyone contributed. Tents were assembled, tables set, decorations hung, flowers placed...etc. There is something so much more fulfilling in contributing in some way to the village event. So we, as a select few, decided we will try something a little different next time. We hope to set the first hour or so as set up time. That way, everyone who wants to come and play and be apart of this grand village event gets to have their hands and hearts in a bit of the creation and set up.

with those that showed up early or on time had gotten this sweet experience of being apart of the creation! Huge tents set up, tables set, water poured, decorations placed…let the celebrating begin!

There was such eagerness to play! To weave and entangle. We called in our ancestors, and our gratitude for this beautiful earth, and village. As an act of resilience, we gathered in harmony. What a sacred rite it is to gather in these ways, blessing the land, each other and spreading that gooey hope to places much beyond where we stood in circle around that fire.

Before we could do the Maypole we needed to adorn ourselves with flowers. We weaved willow flower crowns, braided each others hair and found ourselves in deeper conversations about parenting and learning more about each other. While we were undercover of the flower crown tent and in the clothing swap tent we had a swift downpour. We moved shoes and instruments in from the rain and happily continued our crafting and adorning. Just as we all finished, the sun peaked out to warm us up and dance with our wet feet.

As a village, we tied our ribbons to the Maypole. We consented to gather, to weave. We all stood around, holding to our ribbons, as the men of our village erected our Maypole and set it in deep, momma earth holding it firmly upright. Then we began to weave. Being our first time as group, we paused a few times for minor adjustments (we found It was easier if the children watched, played or held onto a grown up...hehehe). In and out, weaving through each other. Looking into each others faces and seeing pure childlike joy bubbling from each and every one. Giggles and silliness abound. Such merriment, even as we got closer and more tightly woven.

MMMMMmmmm... what a scrumptious yummy feeling I was left with. Everyones bright familiar smiles, cheery clothes and children running around, playing to their

hearts content. Warm fire to sit around to eat pie and make connections. Flowers EVERYWHERE.

Village is truly something isn’t it!💕

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