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Hey Village,

I‘m Ashley. Above all other things, I am a mother of two incredible beings. Astraeus Serenity Rose. I was in the middle of my Waldorf teacher training when Cvd became a thing. This changed my whole future plans. I was not going to put my child in any school that was forcing Mask no matter how much I aligned with the pedagogy. I also had no interest in joining in with the protocols for my own education . This is when I chose to homeschool. And how perfect that I would have a group of friends that were on the same page and would still get together every week without fear! Then we dreamed a little more… classes, workshops, festivals, playdates, barter fairs; which took some directing with a few other incredible parents! This became the Birth of Vibrant Village. I have a strong interest in obtaining a holistic, regenerative means of living. I want to be completely connected to my food sources and to work on being more dependent on my resources in myself, my environment and community. I love herbalism and energetic/spiritual healing. I am by no means master of this knowledge but learning little bits as I help my family to become more holistic. I love handwork. I knit, crochet, and see when I have the time. I love to have my hands and feed in the dirt and to grow food! You will often find me in the kitchen conjuring up some love in a pot. I love to make bone broth and nourishing foods…especially to feed postpartum families.

And I love to celebrate the seasons. My drive for Vibrant Village was to share these celebrations I do with my children with more friends who would love it too! I never expected so many people to be ready for this kind of connection.

Event Coordinating, handwork, feeding hungry children and postpartum families
Directing VV
Ashley Burris

Ashley Burris

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