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My name is Cataleana, but I generally go by Cat. I’m the momma to Ameily and Daesia.

I started ‘Rooted, a day in the garden’, as a way to introduce gardening to our children, as well as build community and connectivity around the garden. Through this group we learn together, share struggles, give advice, get hands-on help in the garden, have opportunities to food trade, and have access to a wealth of knowledge through hands on experience - because honestly, all gardens are managed a little differently by different gardeners. Rooted gatherings are held on Tuesdays from 10 am - 1 pm. We alternate different host gardens, on a volunteer basis, to lend a hand for each other. The future of Rooted looks to be sprinkled with work parties for food preservation, foraging expeditions, and meal prep gatherings in addition to the usual garden meetings. If you’re interested in joining us for Rooted, a day in the garden, please reach out on Signal at 541-729-2775.

In addition to Rooted, I enjoy holding the container for small moon circle gatherings for the new and full moon phases, when VV doesn’t have a larger offering. These circles are space for us to gather in sisterhood and share a check in - I don’t offer a lot of ceremony or ritual at these gatherings, though I am open to growing into this aspect more.

I have spent the past year researching and recording, for a podcast I’m producing with my dad. We haven’t began publishing our episodes yet, we are currently transitioning our topic from alternative timeline history to a broader range of metaphysical and philosophical discussion topics. We will begin publishing when our website has finished development.

In addition to the aforementioned, I’ve been studying and practicing tea blending, magical herbalism, crystal gridding, astral projection, the Yogic path, Ayurveda.

I often find myself seeking a spiritual connection braided in with connection to our Mother, and balance for this animal


Gardening, food preservation, tea blending
Rooted, Moon Circles


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